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Live GPS vehicle Tracking

Live GPS tracking is all about having useful information regarding your fleet readily available to you. The data that is timely and accurate providing each vehicle’s exact position. The display shows the route that any chosen vehicle has taken. The screen is auto-refreshed so you can follow your vehicle’s movement on a detailed map, including street address.

Alert by SMS, Email, Mobile

We understand the concerns that come with your fleet operations. The notifications feature alerts you immediately on unforeseen events that require your attention. Whether it’s a schedule failure, theft attempt or route deviation, you can rest easy and focus on your business, the system prompts you on what you can act upon – the exceptions.

Vehicle Tracking Reports

No more sifting through statistics-dense documents, our easy-to-use vehicle tracking reports and charts do the sorting for you. If you tried GPS vehicle tracking systems in the past, you will instantly see how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors. With our Ad-Hoc tracking reports, you will have better control on the kind of reports your business requires.

Vehicle Service & Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance is the key to keeping your fleet up and running at its most optimum level, and with our platform, you can incorporate maintenance notifications into your fleet management system. Tire changes, oil changes and tune-ups are just a few of the many recommended vehicle maintenance services that you have to keep track of, along with the day to day operations of your business.

Your landmarks on map

AVLView helps better manage your everyday fleet operations by storing delivery points such as company offices, branches, client locations, depots, schools, and any other custom locations. This feature helps you with a detailed landmark history report with timestamps of each exit/entry point, unauthorised zones, unauthorised stops and identifying whether the fleet is being used efficiently thus increasing productivity.

Real time fuel monitoring

The cost of fuel is always a concern and fuel savings continue to be fundamentally important in running a successful fleet operation. In most vehicle operations fuel expenses account for at least 32% of operating costs, so fuel monitoring & management is the logical place to start in order to reach fuel efficiency. Knowing the factors influencing fuel consumption is important if real improvement is to be made.


It’s a modern, agile and systematic approach that helps you achieve awesome results by doing less. Once configured, the system monitors the operation, so you don’t have to. Yes, it’s packed with powerful features at a low price. For your business, it means ‘the’ opportunity to enjoy fairly priced automation tool and achieve more of what matters.


We differentiate ourselves based on our professional approach, state of the art solution and quality of service offered.

Our Evolution

Island Communications Ltd. (ICL) is a portfolio company of RHT Holding Ltd, listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. The company was founded in 1997 and pioneered GPS-based solutions in Mauritius. ICL has successfully designed and integrated systems for fleet management, asset tracking, telemetry, and personal safety. Our strategy is to master emerging technologies to provide innovative solutions to our customers in order to address their business needs. We are already the market leader in this field with over 300 corporate clients and approximately 3000 vehicles on our system, including cars, buses, lorries, motorcycles, cement mixers, tractors and boats. We are currently servicing customers in diverse field of activities including distribution, transport, finance, tourism, telecommunications in both public and private sectors. ICL has over the years successfully implemented state of the art solutions for fleet management, logistics control and dispatching. Customised sensors for monitoring passenger flow, fuel level and temperature control have been built and installed on numerous platforms. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2010 and corporate members of CILT (Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, UK) and MIOD (Mauritius Institute of Directors).


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We are highly satisfied with the functionalities and reports delivered by the system. The system offered by ICL is in line with the business needs of Beijing Construction since it helps to monitor real time location of vehicles, stoppage time, driving habits amongst other fleet management parameters.

Beijing Construction

Construction Company
The service level provided by ICL is good. Since the implementation of the system, SKC Holdings limited has a better control over its fleet. The system is an essential tool today for the company since it helps to reduce costs and increase efficiency. We are very satisfied with the functionalities and reports delivered by the system.

SKC Holdings Ltd

Fruit Distribution Company
ICL have a genuine interest for its client’s business and an impeccable after sale service, and that is a clear difference between ICL and their competitors. They have given us the tools we need to easily manage our fleet efficiently and implemented useful additional devices that we were not aware of, and did not have with our previous GPS provider.


Security Guard Service


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